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Amethyst Candle Holder, #18

Amethyst Candle Holder, #18

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Amethyst is a crystal of spiritual protection and purification. 
It is used to clear the mind, to soothe anxiety+stress, and to manifest abundance.       
You will receive the amethyst candle holder in these pictures and a complimentary white/cream tea light candle. Not in the mood for fire? These make super cute air plant holders or planters for succulents.   

SHIPPING: This is a heavy product. I will choose the most affordable shipping option without compromising the safety of its transit during its journey to you. I will refund any shipping overages to you upon shipment <3 


▴△▼△▴ DETAILS ▴△▼△▴ 
- Amethyst are about 4-5" tall and 2-4" long
Fits normal tea light candles
Crystal weighs about 5 pounds
- Amethyst can be rinsed when dusty

▴▴ Mined and drilled in Brazil + hand picked by Jonnie in Los Angeles ▴▴