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Crystal Cuff Bracelets

Crystal Cuff Bracelets

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A fun, half hexagon brass cuff that wears like two bracelets. A gold plated chain with crystals is attached to each end and would be the perfect addition to your stack!

Apatite: a stone of balance and manifestation, clarity of mind & expansion of insights. Enhances communication and self-expression on all levels.
Moonstone: a stone of hoping, wishing and  protection, a woman's stone that enhances feminine energies, sensitivity, intuition, and eases anxiety & frustrations. Symbolizes the cycles of life. 
Orange Garnet: a stone of healing, purification, passion, & inspiration .
Turquoise: a stone of power, wisdom, protection, and luck. A stone for travelers that offers protection and wonderful stone for leaders & entrepreneurs.
Peridot: a stone of prosperity, happiness, confidence & assertiveness, but balanced with a clear mind. 
Labradorite: a stone of magic, awakening, and energizes the imagination. It brings out the best in people, by tempering the negative side of our personalities.

☞Raw brass will naturally patina in color over time. If you prefer a bright gold-brass color you can rub them with a jewelry polishing cloth or brighten with lemon juice.