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Selenite Candle Holder

Selenite Candle Holder

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Selenite is one of the ultimate balancing stones and is deeply grounding. 
It is used for mental clarity, protection, and energy clearings. 
Ideal for spiritual practices and meditation.
You will receive one selenite candle holder and a complimentary white/cream tea light candle. 

▴△▼△▴ DETAILS ▴△▼△▴ 
Roughly a 3" x 3" x 3" cube
Fits normal tea light candles
Crystal weighs about 3 pounds
Selenite is very soft and brittle naturally. Expect tiny little crystal flakes to happen. Keep your Selenite away from water as it is water soluble. If dusty, wipe with dry cloth.

▴▴ Mined and drilled in Brazil + hand picked by Jonnie in Los Angeles ▴▴